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NEW DVDs and Restocks

We haveThunderbolt back in deep stock. That means new savings for one of the best, and most underrated Jackie Chan films ever made. Has some of his best large stuntwork ever: Order Here-Secure OrderForm Or click here

Both Taiwan official DVDs from Funny (Company): DTS version $12, Dolby Digital 5.1 (better quality) $17

Other HOT Hong Kong DVDs!- The Twins Effect-new price $14

PTU- Raw, rough, crime action drama by Johnnie To. Better than The Mission. $16

Films from Kiyoshi Kurosawa: Pulse (Kairo) reg.3-$14, Cure-$14

Not so new stuff (but still good):

Samurai Fiction - New Japanese film, English sub - This one is GOOD!! Very humorous spoof of the 1960s Samurai flix. US release- $21

Korean films (These are Region 3):

Musa the Warrior SE (Region 3)-one of the greatest action-adventure films ever made anywhere! Really gorgeous 2-disc set loaded with special features-$42 OOP- we have one.

My Boss, My Hero (SE 2-disc)- gangster action comedy- $26

Bad Guy - Very dark, violent biography about a total sociopathic low-level ganster pimp who recruits a college girl, wearing her down until she belongs to him. Morbidly fascinating, very good directing and acting (almost too good).-$19 special price.

Gingko Bed- very good fantasy romance with some violence about a demonic general from 1000 years ago who won't let go of a girl who he had forced to belong to him.-$21 This is the high quality Korean DVD, not the HK DVD.

Taiwan Import DVDs (All are Hong Kong films):

NEW! Lars Von Trier European wierd mini-series THE KINGDOM 1&2 3-disc DVD set- $42 limited avail.

1941 HONG KONG ON FIRE Chingmy Yau, Veronica Yip. Very Rare- $22

Barefoot Kid (Aaron Kwok)-$15 //KICKBOXER $15 /One Arm Hero (Iron Bridge)- Excellent Kung fu action-drama.- $14

MAD MONK Rare OOP! Classic style fantatsy-fu comedy. Very funny Stephen Chow film.- $14 new low price!

SAINT OF GAMBLERS Chingmy Yau. Fourth sequel to the God of Gamblers series. Rare! - $18 special price

WARRIOR'S TRAGEDY- Ti Lung, Truly excellent Martial Arts epic film-Mandarin. Extended version. $17


THE ROAD HOME DVD WIDESCREEN FORMAT - USA version from Columbia Tristar- $24

GODZILLA MOVIES ON DVD! New lower prices! Note: these are all English dubbed and pan&scan:

ONLY $17 EACH: Godzilla Vs Hedorah / Godzilla Vs Gigan / Godzilla Vs Megalon DVD

Godzilla Vs Mechagozilla (1974) / Terror of Mechagozilla. New releases!-- Son of Godzilla, The Return of Godzilla.

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NEW! Sprited Away (Region 3)-$30. This is the official Hong Kong DVD. Japanese lang. with English subtitles. To place any order, click here>> Order Form

New all region DVD imports: Baby Cart (#1-6)-Lone Wolf and Cub films $14 ea. Also Red Shadow $14. Ninja In the Dragon's Den-$12, Zipang (Japan) $12, Iron Fisted Monk (Sammo Hung)-$14, Once Upon a Time in China 4 (not Jet Li) $12. Crying Freeman widescreen DTS $19. Versus $14, Battle Royale $14.

Recent Releases: So Close to Paradise (great!)-$22. NOW HERE! What Time is it There?-$17, GOOD MEN GOOD WOMEN, and GOODBYE SOUTH GOODBYE. Both now only $16 each, and are by Hou Hsiao-Hsien (official USA releases from Winstar)., Eternal Evil of Asia-$12, New Legend of Shaolin (Universe version- Jet Li)-$12, The Isle (Korean reg.3, Cat.III)-$13, Sakuya Slayer of Demons DTS (Japan- very good!)-$12, Never Say Goodbye-$14, Breaking the Silence-new Gong Li drama-$14, The Island Tales(Reg.3)-Shu Qi-$15, Runaway-$12. To place any order, click here>> Order Form

New Releases: Blue Moon-$10, The First Time is the Last Time-$10, Call Girl 92-$13.

NEW DVD Releases: LOST HIGHWAY (David Lynch)-$18, and Twin Peaks Pilot $17.

Away With Words by Christopher Doyle is finally here! This rare and acclaimed film by the cinematographer who did most of Wong Kar Wai's most famous works is Doyle's directoral debut. This is a really good, quirky, artistic film- but very entertaining. - $17

News Flash! Just In! MUSA -an epic action-adventure (Korean Region 3) that takes place in China. Special Edition 2-disc-$28. Also Joint Security Area Special 2-disc set (Reg. 3)-$21. These are two of the best movies we have seen in years!

Also In stock: Crying Freeman -$19 (special DTS widescreen import-super quality!), Fist of Legend (Jet Li)-$15

Hsiao-hsien Hou Films News: We have Flowers of Shanghai and Puppetmaster in stock on DVD for only $17 ea. And some good news: Good Men Good Women & Goodbye South Goodbye are now available only $17 each.

Three Seasons- Very good Vietnamese film on DVD, with English subtitles. Also stars Harvey Keitel (he speaks English to himself). This is rare, only available from Hong Kong.- $22

New releases of some classic 80s & 90s HK films from WA (mandarin dubs w. Eng. subs): Dreams of Glory A Boxer Story-$13, Back Alley Princess (sequel)-$13

Yi Yi - brand new film from Edward Yang. Often admired, but commercially ignored both in Taiwan and the US; but this recent film has earned him praise from both critics and the public.-$17

Drunken Master II - with Jackie Chan, Anita Mui. One of his greatest stunt-work films. This is a high quality factory DVD made by Thakral. Beautiful letterbox print. (Better picture quality than the laserdisc, but not full 2:1 widescreen.) - Now Back in stock!- $21

Beat Takeshi's "Getting Any"-Rare Japanese comedy-$19. King of Masks-excellent Mandarin drama-$23, Almon Wong "No-Fat 2000" Excercise DVD-$12, Tetsuo The Iron Man (Japanese)-$23, Tetsuo II Body Hammer (unrated directors cut)-$22, The Massive (dubbed)-$14, Heroes Shed No Tears (old John Woo action)-$16, Hand of Death (Jackie Chan/John Woo)-$17, Esprit d' Amour (this is the 1983 version)-$20. To place any order, click here>> Order Form

Headlines (good!)-$17, Master Q 2001-$19

Deadend of Beseigers (1992)- This is a great classic-style kung fu/swordplay movie, starring a youthful Cynthia Khan and Kung Fu action legend Yu Rong Guang. This is a must-have for any serious HK film lover. Superb kung fu, judo, and swordplay. Full frame, but was not a widescreen film, so it isn't severely cropped. - $17

In the Mood for Love - Wong Kar Wai's newest film (this year) Excellent modern romance. This is the high quality Mei Ah version (not the el-cheapo version floating around). -$24 We have plenty on stock now.

The Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues (1991)- (no picture), don't let the goofy title fool you. This is a very good, low budget Hong Kong modern action movie with plenty of fast (kind of old-style) kung fu fighting.- $10

Kikujiro - Takeshi "Beat" Kitano. New release. reg.1 - $23

 More recent acquisitions: Bakery Amour-$16, Cop On A Mission-$20, Days of Being Wild-$22, As Tears Go By-$22, Yesterday You Yesterday Me-$12, Perfect Couples-$11, He Ain't Heavy He's My Father-$13, Til We Meet Again (Anita Mui)-$14, Vampire Controller- $15, Dr. Vampire (Mandarin)-$14, Suzhou - new drama - $17, Future Cops-$14, God of Gamblers2-$16, Suburb Murder-$14, Sworn Revenge-$14.

Shanghai Triad-Gong Li. Region One-$23

Local Dallas Asian Film News:

The Inwood Theatre is in Dallas, Texas- at Lovers Lane and Inwood Road. They sometimes show Asian films.

Musa the Warrior

NEW- More Korean Hits

Please pay attention. Some of these DVDs are rare and out of print!

Bichunmoo (DTS)- Outstanding Korean swordplay fantasy romance. Something along the lines of Romeo and Juliet, but more violent.- $17

My Wife is a Gangster-(R3)-SE $27, or Hong Kong DVD $24

Calmi Cuori Appassionati (R3)-$15

Bungee Jumping of Their Own- Very good romantic drama-$24

Ditto- acclaimed new time travel romance.-$22 special-limited stock

Bedroom & Courtroom. Romantic comedy.-$22

Die Bad - Viloent gangster drama-$22

Nowhere To Hide uncut version English subs- $22

Ring Virus (Korean Version) English / Japanese sub $23

Attack The Gas Station (Korean import, not HK) English/Japanese/Chinese 16:9 $22 or Hong Kong version $14

Jakarta English / Korean, ACTION. Like Reservour Dogs.- $22

Lee Jae Soo's Revolt/ Lee's Insurges: Uprising/ EXCELLENT! Historical War drama. Eng. sub- $19

Night On The Water - Starring Sung Hi Lee. Adult.- $27

Nudlnude 1 & 2 - adult anime Rare!- $22 ea. or $40 for both DVDs.


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Note: All DVDs shown are NTSC. Most are coded for all regions; those coded only for North America are so noted. All have English subtitles unless noted.


Film Data and Reviews:

Temptress Moon (1995) New on Laserdisc or on DVD! Laserdisc is new and VERY RARE, two disc set of the international famous Super Stars GONG LI and LESLIE CHEUNG; cinematographer CHRISTOPHER DOYLE, directed by CHEN KAIGE. Widescreen, NTSC format, total running time 127 mins., comes in Cantonese & Mandarin language tracks with ENGLISH & Chinese subtitles. DVD has menu choice of English or Chinese subtitles. Only $36.00 new laserdisc, or only $14.00 new on DVD!

Once Upon a Time in China I and II, (1992, 1993) new on DVD. The first two of what is probably the most popular Chinese historical film epic series in the world since films began (and deservedly so). Both starring Jet Li (Lethal Weapon 4), one of the truly great martial arts stars of our time. These two films are truly great historical and martial arts films, not to mention totally enjoyable entertainment. Highly recommended for westerners and for all. Except for some brief gory violence, it is even good family fun. The background is China during the colonial phase, when it was divied up between some of the world powers. Jet Li plays a local leader who tries to mediate the various conflicts which arise, but usually ends up fighing nearly everyone anyway as a hero. Both films end with spectacular fight scenes. (The ending action scene in Once in China II is said to be one of the best ever. The scenery and props are superb!) DVD menu includes many language subtitle options, including English, Spanish, and Japanese.

BLACK CAT I AND II, (1991, 1992) new DVD. Hong Kong remake of Le Femme Nikita with a few different twists. Some reviewers liked this better than the original due to the outstanding performance of new Hong Kong actress/beauty Jade Leung. I say it is certainly better than the American version. The first half of the film is set in the U.S. (actually appears filmed in Hong Kong with a large number of European mix extras). Consequently, a lot of it is in English, even after the story moves to Hong Kong. Another great quality DVD Widescreen transfer (1.66:1). Language options are Mandarin and Cantonese, however, more than half of the dialog is in English anyway, taking place in the U.S. and Hong Kong. Many subtitle menu options including English, Vietnamese, Spanish, others.

Full Moon in New York, (1992) new DVD, starring Maggie Cheung. Heart-warming human drama. Three Chinese immigrant women become friends in New York City. They each come from very different backgrounds: Sylvia Chang plays a sophisticated but somewhat failed New York theatre actress from Taiwan; Maggie Chueng plays a high-strung work-a-holic resaurant manager/real estate investor; Josephine Koo plays a naive woman from mainland China who just married a Chinese-American businessman. (All three are from those respective countries in real life.) Consequently, a lot of English is spoken, along with some Mandarin and Cantonese. Several subtitle menu options are available, including English and Chinese. Drama has similar feel as Joy Luck Club, but is somewhat even less upbeat than that film, and has very different people and story. It is refreshing to me to watch a serious drama with such fine Chinese actresses, without any Hong Kong humor or slapstick. Recommended for American drama enthusiasts! New DVD only $14.00

Peace Hotel (1995) Chow Yun Fat. New DVD, letterbox (1.66:1). Now we carry the Taiwan and Hong Kong DVD versions. This is an excellent quality DVD transfer of the film. Supurb action/drama - with the focus on drama. Much better to me than the John Woo action shooters. The central character (Chow Yun Fat) is a legendary mass-killer (but now supposedly reformed) who operates and protects a safe haven hotel for fugitives. Somewhat similar to Clint Eastwoods, Man With No Name. Highly recommended for American audiences. $17 Mandarin, or $23 Cantonese. Both have English subtitles. Mandarin version is uncut.

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (1995). Features Asia Super Star/Singer ANDY LAU, also with KENNY BEE CHUNG, THERESA LEE; published by Mei Ah Laser Discs Co., Ltd. Laserdisc is out of print. This is widescreen, and a total running time of 99 mins., language in Cantonese & Mandarin with ENGLISH & Chinese subtitles. DVD comes with Dolby Digital 5.1. $14- new lower price on this wonderful film title.

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